Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

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Fast Facts:

  • The Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is a public polytechnic institute of higher education in Coimbra, Portugal
  • It was founded in 1979
  • IPC Covers a huge diversity of training areas, from agriculture and environment, education, communication, tourism, arts, management, accounting and marketing, to health and engineering.
  • The Polytechnic of Coimbra offers Higher Professional Degree Programmes and Vocational Education, Bachelor’s Degrees, Post-graduations and Master’s Degrees, representing a vital part of the city and playing a critical role in local development and national progress.
  • Quality education – where the practical component is strongly supported by solid theory training, with a constant concern to adapt training to market demands –, a close connection with companies, incentive to entrepreneurship and internationalisation are central pillars of its education, assuring successful careers to its graduates, as well as high employability rates.
  • Social Service is another core organisational unit responding to the students’ needs by means of general support, scholarships, board and accommodation, medical services and sports practice.
  • There is a close connection between IPC and local community, in particular with joint projects and initiatives;
  • The strong emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Course Areas:

  • Bachelor Programs: Foundation Program Organic Agriculture, Biotechnology, Forest Sciences & Natural Resources, Crops & Livestock Engineering, Food Technology, Environmental Technology & Management, Tourism, Business Management, Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industry Management & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics Engineering (European Program)
  • Masters: Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Inland Tourism, Human Computer Interaction, Business Management, Management Information System, Biomedical Engineering-Joint Programme, Applied Informatics, Biological & Chemical Process, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electromechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial ENG & MGT, Masters in Business Administration


Program Duration Tuition
Foundation 1 year € 2600
Bachelor 3 years € 2600-€ 3100
Masters 2 years € 2600-€3100
Enrolment Fee €520


Living Costs:

Accommodation Single Room €75 – €90 per month
Double Room €110 – €130 per month
Energy & Water (Including Heating) €25 – €35 per month
Meals (Complete Meal) €2.3 approx.

Intake: September.

URL: https://www.ipc.pt/en