Bohai University

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Fast Facts;

  • Bohai University (BU), which was established in February 1950, is a comprehensive university administered by Liaoning Province government.
  • BU is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. Jinzhou is a seaside city with long history and cultural tradition.
  • It is divided into 13 sub-level colleges, in which there are 63 programs for bachelor’s degree, 34 programs for associate degree in vocational education, 15 first-rank curricula for master’s degree, 84 second-rank curricula for master’s degree, and 3 majors for master’s degree in education, covering such disciplines as philosophy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering and management.
  • BU has a library holding more than 1,600,000 volumes of books, and its modern facilities can meet the needs of teaching. With the safe and beautiful surroundings and green plants, it is awarded the titles of National Green Institution and Liaoning Province Safety Campus.
  • BU has established friendly relationships with 32 higher institutions in the US, Germany, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Russia. It enrolls international students from more than 10 countries, exchanges scholars for lecture, sends abroad qualified teachers and students to further their study or to pursue certain degrees, imports quality educational sources from other countries to enhance its teaching and research, and conducts international cooperation programs.

Course Areas:

Literature, Politics and History, Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Food Safety, Information Science and Technology(College of Software and Service Outsourcing), Engineering, Economy and Law, Management, Tourism, Foreign Languages, Education and P. E., Arts and, Communications, International Exchange(College of International Exchange, South Korea), Finance, Commerce and Trade.

Tuition Fees;

  • Undergraduate : RMB13,000 ($2,044) – RMB15,000 ($2,400) per year
  • Postgraduate :   RMB16,000 ($2,500) – RMB24,000 ($3,500) per year

Accommodation fee:

  • Single Room :  RMB 9000 ($1,400) Per Year for each person
  • Double Room :RMB 6000 ($ 943) Per Year for each person


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