University of Kyrenia

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Fast Facts:

  • The University of Kyrenia was founded in the city of Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus.
  • First University of the Eastern Mediterranean region that solely focuses on Aviation and Maritime Studies
  • The mission of the University of Kyrenia, among the others, is to educate every individual to have such qualities to rationalize their continuing development throughout a career in private, public, and non-profit organizations in a globally competitive and diverse environment and the core of the vision of the University of Kyrenia is to be recognized as the institution of first choice for value added undergraduate and graduate programs among the local, regional and international institutions.
  • Grand Library:Covering 15,000 m2 of indoor space, this gigantic complex brings out world-class standards of Library concept to our island, not only in terms of its size but also with the extensive services it offers. As for its physical dimensions and potentials, the Library houses over 500 thousand printed materials on its open shelves. It is a culture and information access centre built with respect to world standards, including more than 50 thousand electronic journals, 6,5 thousand DVDs, 17 booths for viewing films, 12 personal and group study rooms, 4 amphitheatres with a seating capacity for 1000, a 350-person theatre, a 600-person cafeteria and 600 study tables and 24 hours internet access. Open 24 hours a day, the complex is open to everyone free of charge.
  • Health Care: To fulfil the diverse needs of the international patients an “International Patient Coordination Center” has been created. This facility arranges and coordinates the transfer of international patients and their companions to and from North Cyprus. Further more appropriate accommodations by translators will help them to communicate in their own languages. The Centre also arranges tours and social activities within the country. The objective of the Centre is to send the patients back their homes as healthy and happy individuals. It has a 55,000 square-meter closed area with 209 private, single patient rooms, 8 operating theatres, 30-bed Intensive Care Unit, 17-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a laboratory where a wide array of tests can be carried out, and a cutting-edge diognostic imaging centre.
  • Office of Health, Culture and Sports : Universities are, on one hand; places for you to have an extensive academic study, on the other hand; places for you to develop yourself in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities. Universities provide an environment full of opportunities for discussions of thoughts; where one can express himself/herself freely. Therefore with the help of universities, the culture of democracy is acquired and nurtured. Universities aim to train qualified people, to cultivate science and technology, to bring forth projects and to ensure the development and transmission of culture.
  • Transportation : The shuttle services started in 1991 with only 3 buses, 1 mini-bus, 4 drivers and 1 manager. In 2003, it was reorganized and continues to service in the most organized way.
  • Super Computer: IBM’s supercomputer, located in the Innovation and Information Technologies Center, was established in 2007. Having ranked 13th amongst the universities in the world with its computation speed and capacity, Supercomputer is also the second most powerful computer in the region.
  • Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool: The Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool is the first and only indoor Olympic pool in TRNC. Since the opening of the Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool-Near East University, summer and winter swimming courses have been started to be given. These courses have continued up until now and so far 12154 people have attended. All attendants of the swimming courses have been trained to swim with scientific methods.

Tuition Fees:


Maritime Studies
Department Tuition Fee(Euro) 50% Scholarship Years Package (Food + Accommodation + Tuition) Fee
Marine Transportation Management Engineering 5600 2800 4 4800
Marine Engineering 5600 2800 4 4800
Maritime Management
Department Tuition Fee(Euro) 50% Scholarship Years Package (Food + Accommodation + Tuition) Fee
Maritime Management 5600 2800 4 4800
Maritime Transportation and Logistics 5600 2800 4 4800


Marine Sciences
Department Tuition Fee(Euro) 50% Scholarship Years Package (Food + Accommodation + Tuition) Fee
Fishers Technology Engineering 5600 2800 4 4800
Aviation and Space Sciences
Department Tuition Fee(Euro) 50% Scholarship Years Package (Food + Accommodation + Tuition) Fee
Aviation Management 5600 2800 4 4800
Civil Air Transport Logistics 5600 2800 4 4800
Pilotage (Flight expenses 27000 €) 9000  – 4  –
Aeronautical Engineering 7000 3500 4  –


Maritime Vocational School
Department Tuition Fee(Euro) 50% Scholarship Years Package (Food + Accommodation + Tuition) Fee
Marine Transportation and Management 5600 2800 2 4800
Ship Machinery 5600 2800 2 4800
Maritime Management and Operations 5600 2800 2 4800
  • Package: Annual fee, three meals and the standard dorm room for 4 people are included in the package. In the dormitories electricity, water, heating and cleaning charges are included.
  • Currency of all fees is Euro.
  • English Education

Intakes: February and September